GMG CoZone Collaborate is a cloud based approval system that lets users collaborate on documents in real time. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to start reviewing and approving within minutes. With advanced annotation reporting and status tracking, you no longer have to rely on email chains and attachments to keep track of your client amends.


CoZone Manage applies color management to files in the CoZone cloud and CoZone Deliver integrates local GMG ColorProof systems to the cloud. Deliver enables CoZone customers to create and track hard proofs at practically the click of a button anywhere on the world to verify content and color accuracy on GMG-quality hard proofs, providing a true quality reference at the end of the complete process.


More info on the GMG CoZone product page here and on the GMG CoZone YouTube channel.


This app automates the creation of new approvals on GMG CoZone, defining all approval parameters (user access, deadline, color settings, …)

When a file arrives through the input connection, the file will be sent to the output connection together with its corresponding xml file, containing all Collaborate approval parameters (user access, deadline, color settings, …), as well as Manage and Deliver parameters.


Add an FTP element to your flow, and send both files to GMG CoZone FTP. Use your GMG CoZone user credentials to log in. More details in the GMG CoZone Upload Engine XML guide available here.

GMG CoZone allows the online approval of pdf files, images, videos and SWF files. If you want to approve native InDesign or XPress files, simply convert them to pdf prior to uploading to GMG CoZone, as shown in our example.


Download here our detailed documentation about about our app.

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